Performance Calculations

Performance curves for Beckett Air blower wheels provided on this website were obtained through tests conducted following A.M.C.A. procedures utilizing a wind tunnel constructed to A.M.C.A. Std. 210, Figure 12, and A.S.H.R.A.E. Std. 51-75. Testing was performed with production Beckett Air blower wheels in Beckett Air housings using an open-inlet, open-outlet configuration. Data adjustments were made when necessary to reflect standard housing expansion angles.

The performance curves shown are representative of the conditions stated above and are intended for reference only. Blower wheels are just one part of a complete system. Variations in inlet and outlet conditions, housing configuration, motor speed, and other factors may affect blower wheel performance. The designer should consider the entire system when making evaluations, and definitive analysis should be made utilizing a prototype system closely approximating the desired configuration.

Beckett Air can provide samples of wheels to OEM customers for evaluation purposes or perform testing on wheels as installed to confirm actual performance characteristics. Please contact us if this service would be of interest.