Strategic Partners

Group-wide Technical Synergy

facilitiesBeckett Air has a strong pedigree with roots dating back to 1937 with the founding of R. W. Beckett Corp., and 1949 with the founding of Fergas AB. Today R.W. Beckett and Fergas are strategic partners with Beckett Air in the worldwide HVAC and Appliance marketplaces. In 2005, Fergas Asia Pacific Ltd. was launched as a joint venture between Beckett Air Inc. and Fergas AB.

With our close affiliation with Fergas AB of Sweden, a world leader in airflow system design, we consistently bring new, exciting technical solutions to airflow design challenges. The Beckett family of companies—including R. W. Beckett, Beckett Air, Beckett Gas and Beckett Energy— bring world-class expertise in combustion, airflow, and operating controls. This synergy provides strong technical and manufacturing support from fabrication through appliance assembly.

These industry-leading businesses combine to provide customers an almost unlimited array of product and service opportunities.