Configuration, Style and Part Numbering

The product information referenced in this website use a product configuration number. Configuration numbers denote a blower wheel’s type, diameter, width and, in some cases, the number of inlets. Fans are denoted by a type, style and number of blades. Part numbers denote the specific characteristics of an individual wheel or fan and include complete information, such as material used, hub type and size, and rotation. Part numbers are used internally for documentation control and are necessary when ordering a specific wheel or fan.

Configuration and Style Details

Blower Wheels Code Diameter In: Width In: Intake:
Forward Curved Centrifugal Wheels
Key Rivet F millimeters millimeters Single or Double
Strip Wheel V inches* inches* Single or Double
Cross Flow/Tangential Wheels X millimeters millimeters
Backward Inclined Centrifugal Wheels
with Flat Inlet B inches* inches*
With Conical B millimeters millimeters
Mixed Flow M inches* inches*

*without decimal

Fans Code Styles No. of Blades
Axial Fans
Small Diameter A B 10
S 10
W 20
Large Diameter A O4 4
O5 5
W5 5
O6 6
Radial Fans
All F R 12
Y 12
RF 12
H 11
R9 9
M 6,10,11