Handy Conversions

The following are a quick reference for converting inches in fractions, decimals or metric format and metric/US unit conversions for volume, energy, flow, etc.

Decimal to fraction conversion chart
Fraction (Inches) Decimal (Inches) Metric (mm)
7/32″ 0.219 6
1/4″ 0.250 6
5/16″ 0.313 8
3/8″ 0.375 10
1/2″ 0.500 13
5/8″ 0.625 16


To Convert: Into: Multiply by:
Volume Cubic Foot ft³ Cubic Meter m³: 0.028
Cubic Meter m³ Cubic Foot ft³ 35.310
Energy Horsepower hp (electric) Watt W 746.000
Watt W Horsepower hp (electric) 0.001
Flow Cubic foot/minute CFM Cubic meter/hour m³/h 0.589
Cubic meter/hour m³/h Cubic foot/minute CFM 1.699
Length Millimeter mm Inch in 0.039
Inch in Millimeter mm 25.400
Pressure Pascal (N/m³) Pa Pounds/sq inch psi 0.000145
Pounds/sq inch psi Pascal (N/m³) Pa 6894.757
Inch of Water (at 4° C) in w.g. Atmospheres atm 0.002
Atmospheres atm Inch of Water (at 4° C) in w.g. 406.800
Inch of Water (at 4° C) in w.g. Millimeters of water mm H2O 0.039
Millimeters of water mm H2O Inch of Water (at 4° C) in w.g. 25.400
Temperature Celsius °C Fahrenheit °F 33.800
Fahrenheit °F Celsius °C -17.222
Weight US Pound lb Kilogram kg 0.454
Kilogram kg US Pound lb 2.205